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University of Washington

CSE 478: Autonomous Robotics (Winter '20)

I am the Instructor for the Winter quarter version of Autonomous Robotics. The course covers the building blocks of autonomous mobile robotic systems. Students complete a series of assignments guiding them through the study and implementation of fundamental estimation, control, and planning algorithms. The algorithms are tested on 1/10th-sized rally cars programmed in Python and interfaced through ROS.

Cornell University

CS 4750/5750: Foundations of Robotics (Fall '16, Fall '17)

I was a Teaching Assistant under Prof. Ross A. Knepper for Foundations of Robotics. The course is a challenging introduction to basic computational concepts used broadly in robotics. Topics include simulation, kinematics, control, optimization, and probabilistic inference. The mathematical basis of each area is emphasized, and concepts are motivated using common robotics applications and programming exercises.

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